Red Ticket

The Regional Excursion Daily (RED) ticket is a $2.50 all day multi-ride ticket for use on bus services provided under Rural and Regional Bus Service Contract B (old “Commercial Service Contract”) for people who hold a valid:

  • Pensioner Concession eCard (NB: some younger persons hold Pensioner Concession eCards)
  • NSW Seniors card
  • War Widower/s card (NSW or Victoria)


  • People holding a current:
    • Pensioner Concession card (NSW, Victoria or ACT) issued by Centrelink or Department of Veterans’ Affairs
    • NSW Seniors cards
    • War Widower card


  • $2.50 per customer per day

Service coverage

  • Valid on Contract B bus services (regular passenger routes and some school routes) including those that traverse into a metropolitan or outer metropolitan area
  • Not valid on CountryLink rail or bus services
  • Not valid on any service operated under an outer metropolitan or metropolitan Bus System Contract, even if they traverse into a rural and regional area


  • Until midnight on day of purchase only
  • Restricted to the initial purchaser who must show their concession card along with their valid RED ticket at the start of each trip to verify their entitlement to travel on subsequent services that day
  • After initial purchase, ticket can be used for unlimited trips on valid services that day without the payment of another cash fare
  • Contract B operators must recognise RED tickets generated by other operators that they have a Neighbouring Service Agreement with, on the day of issue and when appropriate proof of eligibility is shown
  • CountryLink Pensioner Excursion tickets and metropolitan/outer metropolitan Pensioner Excursion tickets cannot be accepted in place of a RED ticket.

Point of purchase

  • From the bus driver on boarding the bus
  • On presentation of a valid Concession/Pensioner/War Widower card

Ticket stock

  • Must be durable enough to be carried around all day and for print to remain legible
  • Operator may determine ticket design but must include the following information:

    • Ticket title: must clearly contain the words ‘Regional Excursion Daily ticket (RED)
    • Date of issue clearly and legibly marked
    • Name and contact number of bus operator issuing ticket
    • Serial number must be indicated and tracked in the ticketing data collected by operator for reporting and reimbursement purposes
    • Date of issue


    • Where possible to include information on back of ticket – include Conditions of Use and operator name and contact details
    • Where not possible to include information on back of ticket – ensure Conditions of Use and operator name and contact details are displayed prominently on timetables, posters, in advertising materials and on the operator’s website

Regional Excursion Daily ticket (RED) – Conditions of use

The entitlement holder must:

  • Produce a valid concession card in their name to the bus driver at the time of purchase and when requested by a transport officer to do so for enforcement purposes
  • Not transfer the ticket to another person
  • Only use the card on valid services up until midnight on the day of purchase
  • Not erase or alter information on the ticket
  • Not use the ticket on other modes of transport or in outer metropolitan or metropolitan areas